Glenn Beck net worth

Glenn Beck net worth

Net Worth: $105 Million

About Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck net worth

Glenn Beck, full name Glenn Edward Lee Beck, is an American radio and television host, author, television net worth producer, political commentator, entrepreneur and television personality. He is also known for his conservative attitudes and support for the Republican Party. Glenn gained prominence in the 1980s, hosting various radio shows in Texas, Kentucky and Arizona. Until this day he works on the radio, hosting his personal show Glenn Beck Radio Program. Since the beginning of his career he has published six books that entered New York Times best-seller list. Beck is also a chief executive manager and founder of Mercury Radio Arts, television, stage, radio and internet content production company. He has also hosted his personal daily TV show, until it got cancelled in June 2011. As for 2013, Glenn Beck net worth is estimated at $105 millions.
Glenn was born in Everett, in a family of Mary and William Beck, and raised in Mount Vernon. His parents earned for living by working in a small bakery they own. Both Mary and William were of German ancestry and raised their son in Roman Catholic spirit.

Although their fortune never came close to Glenn Beck net worth, his parents were considerably wealthy people and their kids never had to suffer from deprivation. The little idyll young Glenn lived in ended with his parents divorce. Following their separation Glenn, his sister and mother moved to live in Sumner, while William found home in Bellingham. When the future millionaire was 15 years old, a horrible tragedy changed his life forever. While out with a man she was dating, his mother drowned in the Lake of Tacoma. Although the police report stated that Mary and her companion were victims of the unfortunate accident, Tacoma Coast Guard investigators guessed that Beck’s mother could have jumped overboard intentionally. Once giving an interview Glenn has revealed that he also saw his mother’s death as a planned suicide.
Glenn Beck net worth did not come in a year, it grew little by little. One of his first jobs was on KZFM radio station in Texas. Two years later Glenn was hired by WRKA and moved to live in Kentucky, were he hosted a weekday show entitled Captain Beck and the A-Team. This show wasn’t even remotely similar to the kind of programs Beck hosts today. It did not touch any political topics and mostly consisted of juvenile jokes, impressions and pranks. In the 1990s the future millionaire landed a job on WBSB, Baltimore’s leading radio station, where he was a partner with Pat Gray. Glenn Beck net worth growth shifted to the higher gear in 2000, when he started hosting Glen Back Program. This show made Glenn known all over America and eventually led him to the job on prime-time television.

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glenn beck net worth glenn beck net worth

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