Glenn Danzig net worth

Glenn Danzig net worth

Net Worth: $6.5 Million

About Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig net worth

It has been stated that the total sum of Glenn Danzig net worth reaches an estimate of 6.5 million dollars, according to the recent calculations. He has earned his net worth as well as made his name popular because of his involvement into music, where he proved to be a successful singer and song writer. A huge part of his net worth was accumulated because of his career as a song writer. This source has also served as one of the main ones when it comes to making his name famous. In addition to his work in music, Glenn Danzig is the owner of the Evilive Record Company. Moreover, he is in charge of a publishing company for adult comic books called Verotik. Thus, these involvements have made his name even more known and also increased the overall sum of Glenn Danzig net worth.
The musician was born in 1955 in Lodi, New Jersey and his real birth name is Glenn Allen Anzalone. When he was only 11 years old, Glenn Danzig started to have problems because he began to use drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, he stopped doing that when he was 15 years old. Glenn Danzig was studying at the Tisch School of the Arts and the New York Institute of Photography.

In the 90s, Glenn Danzig got involved into his own business when he began an adult comic book company called Verotik. With time, this company became one of the main sources of Glenn Danzig net worth, as well.
When he was 11 years old, he was a roadie and appeared with local bands, thus, he was involved into music, too. In the 70s, he joined the group called “The Misfits”. The band has released 8 albums and it disbanded in 1983. However, this involvement made him even more known and added up a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of Glenn Danzig net worth.
In the same year when “The Misfits” disbanded, Glenn Danzig began a new band called “Samhain”. With this band, Glenn Danzig has released 6 studio albums. Soon after the formation of the band it changed its name to “Danzig”. Under this name, the band released 9 albums. Glenn Danzig has also released 2 solo albums, one of them in 1992 and another one in 2006. Thus, the sales of these albums have also added up a lot to the overall size of Glenn Danzig net worth.

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glenn danzig net worth glenn danzig net worth

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