Google net worth

Google net worth

Net Worth: $200 Billion

About Google

Google net worth

Google Inc. is an international cooperation based in the United States, that provides internet-related services and products, most notably- internet search, advertising technologies and cloud computing. Google net worth is currently estimated at $200 billion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world.
The company was founded by Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin and Lawrence Page, an American computer scientists and entrepreneurs, who still own 16% of the shares of company. Although the founders’ fortunes do not come close to the Google net worth, one has to admit that their wealth is impressive. Sergey and Larry owns assets worth 20.3 million dollars each and both are ranked among the fifteen wealthiest people in the world. The two friends met while attending Stanford University and created Google as their research project in 1996. Although the internet search engines existed before, this one was different. While the traditional search networks determined the page’s relevance based on the number of times that the search term was used on the site, Google engine ranked pages judging their relevance based on the links between the various sites.

Sergey and Larry realized their university research project could turn into a profitable internet business and decided to incorporate the company in 1998. Knowing Google net worth is now leaping over $200 billion, one could safely state that they could not have been more right. When asked to comment how they envisaged the goal of the company, the founders stated Google’s purpose was to create framework under which the unimaginable amount of information available on the internet could be organized, made useful and available to anyone who is willing to learn or is simply looking for fun. The company’s well known but still informal motto says “Don’t be evil” and reflects the company’s commitment to work for the sake of their users and never to exploit them. The representatives of the company further explained the motto by revealing the company’s belief that in the long run people who considers the needs of the others, not just look some short-term gains, do much better.

Google net worth started to grow soon after the company’s incorporation. This success encouraged its founders and newly joined members of the board not to stop with a web search engine and use the profits to make new acquisitions and develop new perspective partnerships. List of the products that Google offers today does not end with the search system, but goes further to include statistical, communication and publishing tools, advertising services, development resources and map-related product. Aside from these web-based products the company offers operating systems, desktop and mobile applications and hardware. Looking to the company’s recent development history one could safely bet that this is not the final list.

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