Grant Hill net worth

Grant Hill net worth

Net Worth: $140 Million

About Grant Hill

Grant Hill net worth

Grant Hill is a well known name for people who are interested into basketball. Thus, basketball has been the main source of Grant Hill net worth, which has been stated to currently reach 140 million dollars. Although today he is retired from this career, Grant Hill has made his name as one of the most well known ones in basketball.

As a player, Grant Hill has played for four teams in NBA, such as Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons and Phoenix Suns. Therefore, playing in all these teams has also added up to the overall amount of Grant Hill net worth.

When he was studying at Duke University, Grant Hill was already a well known basketball player. As a player of college basketball, Grant Hill received many titles and awards, such as NCAA champion and ACC Player of the Year. When he entered the professional league, Grant Hill was titled as the NBA co-Rookie of the Year in 1995. Moreover, Grant Hill was also titled as the NBA All-Star seven times. Furthermore, he was also a recipient of the title of the NBA Sportsmanship award for three times. Thus, with so many awards, it is obvious that Grant Hill net worth also increased by a mile.

When he was a basketball player in college and when he entered the NBA, Grant Hill was discovered as one of the most talented players of the game. He was the leading player when it comes to rebounds and assists. Grant Hill is also considered as one of the most popular college basketball players of NCAA of all time.

The first six seasons of him playing in the NBA was with the team of Detroit Pistons. However, after that, his career slow down a little bit due to suffered injuries. In 2013, Grant Hill stated that he was retiring from being a professional basketball player. He stayed in the NBA for 19 years and during this time a big part of Grant Hill net worth was accumulated, as well.

Talking about his college career, when it was time to choose a college, Grant Hill felt a lot of pressure from his parents, since his mother wanted him to study at Georgetown, whereas his father insisted that Grant Hill would choose the University of North Carolina. However, Grant Hill made a decision to study at Duke University, where he was a basketball player for the team of the Blue Devils.

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