Gudda Gudda net worth

Gudda Gudda net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Gudda Gudda

Gudda Gudda net worth

Gudda Gudda is a rising rapper from New Orleans. Already, he is known as a millionaire in the industry, which can be proven by the fact that the current estimate of Gudda Gudda net worth reaches a sum of 1 million dollars. He is also known from a band called “Squad Up”, where he joined other members, Lil Wayne and Kidd Kidd. Later, Gudda Gudda, as a solo act, got signed to three record labels, those being Republic Records, Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment.

The rapper was born in San Jose, California, in 1983. When he was still an infant his whole family moved to live to New Orleans. When Gudda Gudda was 15 years old, he made friends with one of the most popular hip hop stars today, Lil Wayne. However, at that time Gudda Gudda did not even dream about a career to become a rapper, which eventually became the main source of Gudda Gudda net worth.

When Lil Wayne heard how Gudda Gudda can freestyle in rapping, he encouraged him to continue this career. In fact, Lil Wayne wrote the first rapping song of Gudda Gudda. Lil Wayne decided to form a hip hop band with Gudda Gudda, and the two were joined by two other members, Kidd Kidd and Dizzy, and the band became known as “Squad Up”.

In 2002, the band began releasing mixtapes and Gudda Gudda appeared in a total of 7 of them.

In 2005, when Lil Wayne established his record label called Young Money Entertainment, Gudda Gudda was one of the first artists who got signed to this label. Later, Gudda Gudda signed contract deals with two other labels, those being Republic Records and Cash Money Records. All these labels promoted the rapper successfully, which also resulted into the increase of Gudda Gudda net worth.

In 2009, a mixtape of Gudda Gudda was released under the label of Real Talk Entertainment, the album being called “Certified”. In the album, another rapper was featured, as well, Lil Flip. In general, the album received mostly positive reviews. In 2009, the first solo mixtape of Gudda Gudda was released, which was called “Guddaville”. In the album, many rappers made guest appearances, such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Shanell and many more. Thus, Gudda Gudda began to rise in rapping industry, which eventually became the main source of Gudda Gudda net worth, as well.

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