Gunplay net worth

Gunplay net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Gunplay

Gunplay net worth

Gunplay is known as one of the starting millionaires in the rapping industry. Currently, Gunplay net worth has been announced to reach 1 million dollars, which he has accumulated through his career as a rapper and a hip hop artist. Gunplay, whose birth name is Richard Morales, Jr, is signed to two record labels – Maybach Music Group and Def Jam Records.

In addition to being a solo rapper, Gunplay is known as a part of a music group called “Triple C’s”, which is a popular group in the Southern hip hop scene. In 2009, the band’s debut album was released, which was titled “Custom Cars & Cycles”. Thus, being a part of the band also adds fame to him and increases the overall amount of Gunplay net worth.

When he got popular as a solo act, Gunplay released quite a lot of success with all of his mix tapes, especially the one called “601 & Snort”. It has been stated that in 2014, Gunplay’s first studio album will be released, which is going to be called “Living Legend”. The album is expected to be a success and in the case of that, Gunplay net worth will increase even more.

Gunplay was raised by his mother in Carol City, Florida. When he was a teenager, he started to use cocaine, which he also sold. Later he confessed that during one week, he used to spend around 600-700 dollars on buying drugs. After he signed a record deal, he began spending even higher sums of money on drugs.

In 1997, Gunplay made friends with Rick Ross and the band of “Triple C’s” was created. The band’s name stood for Carol City Cartel. Other members of the band were Torch and Young Breed. Their first album called “Custom Cars & Cycles” got relative success and it landed in the 44th position of the US Billboard 200 chart.

As a solo artist, he started his career in collaboration with Rick Ross, where he sang a verse on his song called “Gunplay”, which was included in Rick Ross’ album called “Deeper Than Rap”. He signed a record deal with Maybach Music Group and appeared mainly in collaborations with other artists. In 2012, Gunplay signed another record deal with Def Jam, and it promoted him as a solo singer, and such career added a lot to Gunplay net worth. Gunplay also stated that he is going to work mainly with producers from south, namely Pharrell Williams.

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