Guy Kawasaki net worth

Guy Kawasaki net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Guy Kawasaki net worth is 30 million dollars as of right now. Guy Kawasaki has earned his net worth through his career in Canva, which is an online graphic design tool, where he is working as a chief evangelist. This career has also added up a lot to the total size of Guy Kawasaki net worth.

Before he got this job, Guy Kawasaki was working as a chief evangelist of some other companies, such as Apple, and he was also working as an advisor of the Motorola unit of Google. In addition to the above stated, Guy Kawasaki has also published a couple of books, such as “What the Plus”, “Enchantment” and “APE”. Thus, his career as a writer has also added up to the overall amount of Guy Kawasaki net worth.

Guy Kawasaki has got his education from a couple of different educational institutions. He is known as a graduate of Stanford University, where he earned his BA, as well as UCLA, where he got his MBA degree. In addition to these two mentioned institutions, Guy Kawasaki is also known as an honorary doctorate and this title to him was given by the Babson College.

Guy Kawasaki was born in 1954 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Guy Kawasaki has stated that when he was a student, his English teacher served as a big influence on him and because of it he started his career as a writer. His first job after he graduated from the mentioned institutions was working at a jewelry shop. He has later on stated that this involvement taught him many valuable lessons such as how to sell, which he later incorporated into his real life as well as computer industry, which has also increased the overall size of Guy Kawasaki net worth.

In 1983, Guy Kawasaki was hired by Apple, thanks to his college friend Mike Boich. He worked in this company for four years. In 1987, Guy Kawasaki got a job at ACIUS. In 1989, he left this job position with the aim to focus on his career as a writer. It was also this time when he started to write for magazines such as MacUser and Forbes. Guy Kawasaki is also known as a founder of a company called “Fog City Software”. In 1995, however, he came back to work to Apple. There, he started working as an Apple Fellow.

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