Gwen Stefani net worth

Gwen Stefani net worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

About Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani net worth

Gwen Renee Stefani, or simply Gwen Stefani, is an award winning American singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer. She is best known as one of the founders and the lead singer for ska-rock band No Doubt. The group was formed in mid 1980s and gained international recognition in 1995, following the release of its breakthrough album, The Bacon Street Collection. Gwen’s debut solo album, entitled Love. Angel. Music. Baby., reached the stores in 2004. Inspired by the sound of 80s, the album was extremely commercially successful and sold millions of copies both in Europe and the United States. As for 2013, Gwen Stefani net worth is estimated at $80 million. In World Music Awards 2005 this singer was named as the Word’s Best-Selling Female Artists.

Stefani was born in California, to Roman Catholic parents. Her father, Dennis, originated from Italy and worked as a marketing executive at Yamaha company, while her mother, Patti, was a former accountant and homemaker. Although Dennis’ fortune never came close to Gwen Stefani net worth, he was a fairly wealthy man and while living with her parents Stefani never had to worry about money.

They named their daughter after the stewardess in 60s novel The Airport. Patti and Dennis got the idea for Gwen’s middle name after hearing Left Banke’s hit “Don’t Walk Away Renee”. Both of them were music lovers, huge fans of folk music, thus from the early days Stefani was exposed to the songs of Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan.

Gwen was the second child in the family and has three siblings. Her older brother, Eric Stefani, was one of the founders of the group that eventually boosted Gwen Stefani net worth to millions of dollars. He was also a keyboard player on their common band No Doubt, before leaving the group to pursue career in animation. Eric was fairly successful in his endeavors. For example, he contributed to the creation of hit animated television series The Simpsons. Despite his achievements, Eric’s fortune is significantly inferior to Gwen Stefani net worth.

Gwen’s ascendance to the stars began in mid 1990s, when No Doubt released two consecutive hit albums: The Bacon Street Collection and Tragic Kingdom. This later album featured their trademark song, “Don’t Speak” and earned the young artists three Grammy nominations. Tragic Kingdom went on to sell over 16 million units worldwide and sent Gwen Stefani net worth to incredible heights over less than a couple years. No Doubt’s last commercially successful album was released in 2000. Return to Saturn sounded similar to their previous releases: it included elements of funk, ska and rock music. In 2004 Stefani terminated her cooperation with a band in order to pursue solo career. She returned to No Doubt in 2008, after releasing two award-winning albums.

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