Harry Reid net worth

Harry Reid net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Harry Reid

Harry Reid net worth

Harry Reid is a well known name in politics. It has been reported that the current sum of Harry Reid net worth reaches an estimate of 5 million dollars. He is a member of the Democrats. In addition, Harry Reid is also a senior senator of the United States. Moreover, he is also working as an attorney at law. Thus, these involvements are regarded as the ones, which have brought most of the revenues to Harry Reid net worth.

As an attorney, Harry Reid mostly worked in this career in his first career years and now he is not so much involved into it as he is involved in politics. Thus, today, politics play a major role in accumulating Harry Reid net worth.

In 1971, Harry Reid was appointed as Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. Six years later, Harry Reid was the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission. There, he stayed till 1981. Between the years 1983-1987, Harry Reid was also involved into the House of Representatives. In 2001, Harry Reid was appointed as a chairman of Senate Ethics Committee, where he stayed till 2003. In 2005, he was also a minority leader, where he served for two years.

In 2006, he also got a position of a majority leader and got this position once again in 2008.

While Harry Reid was serving, as a lot of politicians, he received a lot of controversy as well as some accusations. It is well known that Harry Reid has been intending to build a bridge on his property between two states – Arizona and Nevada, and by doing this, he tried to increase the value of his real estate. Harry Reid was also accused a couple of times of helping his friends while using his position as a politician. In addition, Harry Reid was also accused of taking donations to himself from Indian tribes.

In 1959, Harry Reid married Landra Gould. With her, he has four sons and one daughter, named Josh, Leif, Rory and Lana. Some of his sons are also involved into politics, as is Harry Reid himself.
Harry Reid has also received some controversy. During Barack Obama’s campaign, Harry Reid made some racial comments and because of it he was wanted to resign from his office. However, after he apologized in public and to the president himself, he was able to stay in the office. Thus, despite all the negativity that comes with his involvement into politics, this source has been the main in accumulating the current Harry Reid net worth.

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