Harvey Levin net worth

Harvey Levin net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin net worth

Harvey Robert Levin is a professional legal analyst, lawyer, television producer and celebrity reporter. He is currently working as an editor for the popular celebrity news and gossip website TMZ.com. TMZ was born in 2005, as a collaboration project of Telepictures Productions and AOL. According to Levin, the site receives interviews and stories from its readers and celebrities for free and double-checks all the information to make sure it is accurate. In 2007 the project expanded to television with a show TMZ on TV. As for 2013, Harvey Levin net worth is estimated at $10 million.
Harvey was born in the autumn of 1950. He gained his bachelor diploma at University of California and continued his studies at the University of Chicago, where he earned a Juris Doctor degree. Levin Harvey net worth started to grow in mid 1970s, when he passed the California bar exams and started working as an attorney in the same city. Harvey has continued with this job for more than 20 years, until 1996. During the same period he has ventured into entertainment business, taking different roles that required a legal education.

For example, he worked as a legal reporter in Los Angeles’ KCBS-TV, were he covered famous trials, such as the one considering accusations against O.J. Simpson.
For those, who have never heard of this case, Simpson is an actor and retired American football player, trialed for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her close friend, Ronald Lyle Goldman. Although during the 1970s Simpson was one of the most useful players on the National Football League, his current fortune is significantly inferior to Harvey Levin net worth: O.J. owns capital and assets evaluated at $250 thousand. How did this lawyer manage to become richer than a football star? Needless to say, most of Harvey Levin net worth came from his work in entertainment business. In 1998, after terminating his career as an attorney, Harvey started hosting an American arbitration-based reality show The People’s Court. He has been working as a legal consultant for the program since 1980s and continued to provide the casting team with advices as a host. In 2002 Levin took one more additional job and began producing nontraditional court show Celebrity Justice. This 30 minutes long program was hosted by Holly Herbert and was aired for three seasons. His next big project was a website TMZ.com, which we have already described in this article.
There is one thing that we have not mentioned yet. Although today Harvey Levin net worth is enviable, his fortuned did not come easy. According to Levin himself, the beginning of his career in entertainment business was particularly hard because of his homosexuality. What caused Levin’s problems was not the intolerance of his colleagues, but rather his own conviction that if somebody would find out about his attraction to man, he would be fired the same day.

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harvey levin net worth harvey levin net worth

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