Heidi Montag net worth

Heidi Montag net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag net worth

Heidi Blair Pratt, better known as Heidi Montag, is a model and television personality from the United States. She gained recognition in mid 2000s, featuring on MTV’s reality TV series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. On this show Heidi appeared along with her former friend, Lauren Conrad, which at the time was a main star of the program. In 2006 Heidi started filming for spin-off series The Hills, which followed daily lives of Montag, Conrad and their two friends- Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge. This show is the primary source of Heidi Montag net worth. In the late 2000s Heidi attempted to venture into the music industry and performed her song “Body Language” at beauty contest Miss Universe 2009. Her poor singing skills and the banal lyrics evoked a negative response from both critics and the general audience. With her star on television slowly fading out and her music career crashed from the start, Heidi Montag net worth is constantly decreasing. According to the most optimistic estimates, her fortune currently amount to $100 million.

Heidi was born in Colorado, in a family of Darlene and Bill Montag.

Her parents divorced when Heidi was still a child and her mother subsequently remarried to T. Engelhoff, an owner of Crested Butte restaurant. Heidi was a second child in a family and has an older sister Holly, which also appeared on The Hills. Holly is an aspiring comedian, model and television actress. Despite her endless efforts to become a first-rank celebrity, Heidi’s career is not going any better than her sisters, and her fortune is fluctuating within the same boundaries as Heidi Montag net worth.

Heidi met Laura Montag, her future colleague on reality show Laguna Beach, while studying at the Academy of Arts University. The girls found a lot in common and together transferred to Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, based in Los Angeles. Montag dropped out of school before the end of the first semester, saying that it was not “challenging enough” for her. Instead, Heidi started working at Boathouse Productions. Around the same period the starlet began dating Spencer Pratt. Before appearing on The Hills along with Heidi, Spencer was cast for ill-fated reality series Prices of Malibu.

In 2007 Heidi and Pratt announced their plans to get married. The couple celebrated their wedding in the spring of 2009, in California. Although Pratt’s exact financial situation remains unknown, according to most sources his fortune is equal to Heidi Montag net worth. It is worth mentioning that this relationship has cost Heidi her friendship with Laura and most of her former The Hills squad. Montag broke all the connections with Conrad after she heard that the starlet was publicly blaming her fiancé for talking dirt about her.

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heidi montag net worth heidi montag net worth heidi montag net worth

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