Helen Slater net worth

Helen Slater net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Helen Slater

Helen Slater net worth

It has been calculated that the total sum of Helen Slater net worth reaches 3 million dollars, according to the recent estimations. She has accumulated her high wealth because of her career as an actress as well as a musician. In 1984 she appeared in a movie on TriStar called “Supergirl”, where she played the role of the Kryptonian superheroine. Later, she appeared in some other films, such as “The Secret of My Success”, “Ruthless People” and “City Slickers”. Therefore, all of these appearances in these films have increased the total size of Helen Slater net worth a lot.
In addition to her appearances in films, Helen Slater has also appeared in some stage plays and TV productions. Helen Slater appeared as a guest in a few episodes of the TV series called “Smallville”. Helen Slater appeared in two seasons in the ABC Family series called “The Lying Game”, in the period of 2011-2013. Thus, these productions have also added up to the overall amount of Helen Slater net worth.
In the 2000s, she became known as a singer too, when she released five studio albums. She has composed most of her songs and also played the piano.

Therefore, her career into music has also increased the overall estimate of Helen Slater net worth.
The entertainer was born in Bethpage, New York in 1963. Her father was working as a television executive and her mother was a lawyer. However, her parents divorced when she was 11 years old. She was brought up in a Jewish household. Helen Slater has a brother David, who currently is working as a lawyer in New York City. In 1982 she became a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts.
In 1982 Helen Slater appeared as an actress for the first time when she was chosen for a role in “Amy & the Angel”. In this show, she appeared next to Meg Ryan. It is also known that this was the only production where she appeared as being brunette. In 1984 she played the title part in the film called “Supergirl”. However, the movie failed to score high in box offices.
In 1985 she appeared in the movie called “The Legend of Billie Jean”. In this movie, she appeared with Christian Slater and Yeardley Smith. In 1986 and 1987, she appeared in two comedies, called “Ruthless People” and “The Secret of My Success”, respectively. Other movies in which the actress appeared after that include “No Way Back”, “Sticky Fingers”, “City Slickers”, “Seeing Other People”, “A House in the Hills”, “Betrayal of the Dove” and “12:01”. Thus, these films have increased the overall amount of Helen Slater net worth, as well.
In addition to his work in films, Helen Slater has appeared in many TV shows as a regular role or a guest role, such as in “The New Adventures of Old Christine”, “Batman: The Animated Series”, “Supernatural”, “Capital News” and “The Lying Game”. Helen Slater was a face for L’Oreal for some time as she appeared in both TV commercials and printed ads for the brand.

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