Henry Ford net worth

Henry Ford net worth

Net Worth: $199 Billion

About Henry Ford

Henry Ford net worth

It has been reported that the overall amount of Henry Ford net worth reaches 199 billion dollars, which makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Henry Ford is regarded as one of the most successful American industrialists. Henry Ford is the creator of the Ford Motor Company which is well known all around the world and this company has added up a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of Henry Ford net worth, too.

Henry Ford is credited as the one who created the first automobile in the United States, which was affordable to many families of the country. In doing this, Henry Ford changed the concept that automobiles were only a part of luxurious families, because of the fact that his invention could have been bought by many not so rich families. In this way, he also remodeled the picture of the 20th century. Henry Ford is considered as the inventor of the Model T Automobile. This automobile made a huge revolution in the whole American industry. Henry Ford, being a founder of the Ford Motor Company, became one of the most successful and most well known people in the world.

He is also known as a creator of the concept Fordism, which includes a huge production of goods accessible to many average waged people. Henry Ford’s aim was to decrease prices of goods so that they would become accessible to many people, not only to the rich ones. Henry Ford is also known to have left a huge part of his wealth to the Ford Foundation, which he created, and he also made his family members in charge of the company.

Henry Ford was also known for his attitude during the first years of the First World War, when he promoted pacifism. Henry Ford has also written a couple of books, such as “The International Jew”, sales of which have also added up a lot to the overall sum of Henry Ford net worth.

The industrialist was born in Michigan in 1863. When he was a teenager, Henry Ford got a watch as a present and started to take the details apart and put them together. Thus, he soon became known as a watch repair man. In 1876, Henry Ford’s mother passed away and this event devastated him for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, he still managed to keep his career as successful as he could and it can also be seen in the numbers of Henry Ford net worth.

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