Henry Rollins net worth

Henry Rollins net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins net worth

Henry Rollins name is a popular one in entertainment industry. It has been stated that the overall sum of Henry Rollins net worth currently reaches 12 million dollars. In addition to being a musician, he is also involved into many other activities, such as being a journalist, writer, radio show host, public speaker, actor, publisher, activist and many more, and these involvements also have added a lot to the total estimate of Henry Rollins net worth.

Currently, his main activities are known to be being a radio show host as well as making speaking tours all across the United States. In 1980, Henry Rollins became a well known musician when he began performing with the band called “State of Alert”. Thus, music has been one of the most important sources of Henry Rollins net worth.

In 1981, he joined another band, which was “Black Flag” and he performed in this career till the year 1986. When the band separated, Henry Rollins founded a record label company called 2.13.16. The label also released a couple of spoken albums of the star as well as albums of the band called “Rollins Band”, in which he also played.

The band was touring between the years 1987-2003. The band reunited in 2006 to tour once again. Thus, as it can be seen, being involved into music is one of the main sources of Henry Rollins net worth.

Also, when he stopped his career in the band “Black Flag”, Henry Rollins began his work in various radio stations, hosting a couple of TV shows, such as “Harmony in My Head”. In addition to that, he also began his career on TV, with hosting a couple of well known TV shows, such as “Jackass”, “120 Minutes” and his own show called “The Henry Rollins Show”. Moreover, he appeared in the second season of a popular TV series called “Sons of Anarchy”.

Henry Rollins is also known for appearing in some films as well as being involved into speaking events related to various political and social causes in the United States. Henry Rollins is known as a promoter of World Hunger Relief, LGBT rights and many more.

Giving some background information about the star, he was born in 1961 in Washington, D.C. When he was still a child, his parents separated and he grew up in a care of his single mother. Before he started attend kindergarten, his mother taught him reading.

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