Herschel Walker net worth

Herschel Walker net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker net worth

It has been announced that the total size of the current Herschel Walker net worth is as high as 12 million dollars. He has earned such a high net worth because of his career in sports. Herschel Walker established his name as one of the most famous football players. In addition to that, he has also tried his efforts in mixed martial arts.

Herschel Walker was born in Georgia in 1962. When he was accepted to the University of Georgia, Herschel Walker already played football there and also was awarded with much recognition. In 1982, he became a winner of the Heisman Trophy. At that time, he played as a running back for the team. Before he got accepted to this university, Herschel Walker was scouted by many agents and universities.

He started his professional career in football when he was chosen by the USFL New Jersey Generals. In 1986, Herschel Walker joined another team – the Dallas Cowboys. In addition to these two teams, he also belonged to some others, such as the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles. Belonging to these teams also added up to the total amount of Herschel Walker net worth.

Two times, he was chosen to the Pro Bowl games.

In 2007, the news was announced that Herschel Walker started his career in mixed martial arts. As a mixed martial artist, he appeared in two fights, against Greg Nagy in 2010 and Scott Carson in 2011. It is also worth mentioning that he won both of these fights. Thus, mixed martial arts have also added up revenues to the overall sum of Herschel Walker net worth.

Herschel Walker is also known for some personal characteristics, for example, he has a dissociative identity disorder and speaks a lot to the public about this disease. Herschel Walker is also known for his appearances on TV. One of such was his appearance in the TV show called “Celebrity Apprentice”. Herschel Walker was married for two decades to his longtime girlfriend Cindy DeAngelis, however, the couple divorced in 2002. With her, Herschel Walker is a parent to one kid.

In 1999, Herschel Walker’s name was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Thus, with this recognition, his career into professional football career was crowned. Thus, it was also football which has added up most of the revenues to the overall amount of Herschel Walker net worth.

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