Holly Madison plastic surgery

Holly Madison plastic surgery

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Holly Madison plastic surgery

Nowadays rumors about plastic surgery are following even young celebrities, especially when people notice some unnatural changes in their appearance. Recently there were some rumors about possible Holly Madison plastic surgery. For those who don’t know, she is a famous model and TV star, mostly known as one of the women from TV show “The Girls Next Door”, some people might also remember seeing her on famous project “Dancing With The Stars”.

Unlike other celebrities, Holly Madison feels completely comfortable talking about her experiences with plastic surgeries. It is known that there has been at least a few Holly Madison plastic surgery procedure that she has had done on both her face and her body. During one of the interviews, Holly admitted that she has had a breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty procedure. According to her, she has always felt that her breasts were disproportionate to her small body frame and she has always wanted to get a surgery. The changes on her body were obvious – she has gotten three sizes bigger. Another procedure that she has gotten – rhinoplasty was also something that she felt that she needed and in her opinion, without that surgery, she wouldn’t have become as famous as she is now.

One way or another, most of the people would agree that Holly Madison plastic surgery certainly isn’t a plastic surgery that went wrong. There are a lot of examples of celebrities who have had unsuccessful surgeries or have had way too many of them, but this story isn’t on of them – Holly Madison looks great and the changes that have happened on her body and face have only made her look more beautiful. The procedures that she has had, were done professionally and even though the changes on her appearance weren’t very subtle, she looks natural and there are no visible signs of plastic surgery seen or her face or body.

All in all, we can see that there have been at least two Holly Madison plastic surgery procedures that she has gotten over the years. It is possible that she has had more, but she has only admitted in having rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Either way, the procedures that she has gotten were successful and have only made her look better without ruining her naturally beautiful appearance. There is a big possibility that Holly Madison will decide to get something done in the future, especially when she will begin to get older.

Did Holly Madison Undergone Plastic Surgery

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