Hope Solo net worth

Hope Solo net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Hope Solo

Hope Solo net worth

It has been officially said that the overall size of Hope Solo net worth today is as high as 2.5 million dollars. Hope Solo became famous because of her involvement into soccer. She is also known as a spokesperson. As a soccer player, Hope Solo is mostly known for her involvement into the United States National Soccer team, where she is playing in the position of a goalkeeper. Belonging to this team has also added up revenues to the overall sum of Hope Solo net worth.

It is also known that a bigger part of her net worth has been accumulated because of her many endorsement deals. She has individual endorsement deals as well as the ones which belong to the whole Team USA. In FIFA Women’s World Cup which happened in 2010 Hope Solo played as a part of Team USA, which showed excellent performance in the competition.

Hope Solo was born in 1981 in Washington. She got interested into soccer when her father taught her how to play this sport. While she was studying in high school, Hope Solo became a winner of three state championships. After winning these championships, Hope Solo decided that her real passion in life was soccer, which eventually became the main source of her fame as well as Hope Solo net worth.

In 2008 she participated in Summer Olympics as a part of the USA team. The team became a winner of a gold medal as it beat Brazil in the final games. Since 2012 Hope Solo has been known to be in a relationship with Jerramy Stevens, who is her husband and who is known as a former football player. Talking about her achievements in soccer, Hope Solo is known as a winner of two Olympic gold medals. Thus, needless to say, that with such winnings Hope Solo net worth has also increased by a mile.

The first team in which she started playing soccer professionally was the Philadelphia Charge. The team belongs to the Women’s United Soccer Association. In addition to playing in the United States, for some time Hope Solo also competed as a part of soccer teams in France and Sweden. Currently, Hope Solo is known as a player in the team of Seattle Reign which belongs to the National Women’s Soccer League. Thus, her career into sports has made her a huge star, thanks to her father who introduced little Hope Solo to this branch.

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hope solo net worth hope solo net worth hope solo net worth

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