Howard Donald net worth

Howard Donald net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Howard Donald

Howard Donald net worth

Howard Donald is a well known English singer, who first became known as a part of the British band called Take That. It has been reported that the current amount of Howard Donald net worth reaches 25 million dollars, which he accumulated because of his career in music. In addition to being a singer, Howard Donald is also a song writer, pianist, drummer, DJ, house music producer and dancer. Therefore, all of these activities of his have increased a lot the overall size of Howard Donald net worth. However, most of his net worth has been accumulated because of his work with the British band called Take That. In addition to his appearances with this band, Howard Donald is also appearing on TV, mainly on the German talent show called “Got to Dance”, where he is a judge. This involvement of his has also added up to the overall sum of Howard Donald net worth.
Born in 1968, Howard Donald to many people is known as a member of Take That. The band was quite successful for 7 years, until 1995 when its member Robbie Williams decided to leave it. During the first era of the band, Howard Donald did not get a lot of time to sing as a leader as this position was filled by Gary Barlow.

In 1995, however, he appeared as a leading singer in the song called “Never Forget”, which landed in the 1st place in charts in the United Kingdom.
In 1996 however the band stopped performing. Then, Howard Donald decided to start a solo career. He recorded his first song as a solo act called “Speak Without Words”, but it still has not been released. When he realized that his solo work would not be that successful, Howard Donald decided to become a DJ. As such, he has a fan club in Europe. As a DJ, he belongs to a moderately known DJ group called Sonic Fly, where he is joined by Bart Van Der Zwaan and King Brain. Thus, his DJing work proved to be more successful and it also added up some revenues to the total size of Howard Donald net worth.
Howard Donald appeared in a documentary called “Take That for the Record”, in which he confessed that he was almost at a point of suiciding when Take That decided to stop performing in 1996. In 2005, Take That reunited for their last tour. Before that, they released their greatest hits album.
In 2006, the band released their 19th album. Two singles from it were released called “Shine” and “Patience”, which went to number 1 place in charts. He appeared as a leading singer in two songs from this album, called “Mancunian Way” and “Beautiful World”. In another album of the band, which was called “The Circus”, he appeared in two songs as a leading singer, those being “Here” and “What is Love”. Also, he is one of the leading singers in another song of the group called “The Garden”. Thus, his work with the band kept his name popular in show business.

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