Huey Lewis net worth

Huey Lewis net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Huey Lewis net worth today is as high as 20 million dollars. Huey Lewis became famous because of his career into music. He is a member of his own band called “Huey Lewis and the News”. In this band, he is serving as a leading member as well as a player of harmonica. Moreover, he is also serving as one of the main songwriters of the band. The best known album of the band is called “Sports”. In addition, Huey Lewis and his band are also known for their collaboration with the movie makers of “Back to the Future”, where the band created the movie’s soundtrack. Thus, “Huey Lewis and the News” have increased the total size of Huey Lewis net worth a lot. Before he created the mentioned band, Huey Lewis was playing in another one in the period of 1972-1979, called “Clover”.

Born in 1950, Huey Lewis grew up in California. When he was 13 years old, his parents divorced, thus he graduated from school in New Jersey. Huey Lewis was one of the best students in his class and this made him to get a scholarship to Cornell University in New York.

Huey Lewis used to hitchhike a lot and this was also the time when he learnt how to play harmonica, the activity that he currently does in the band. When he was living in London with no money, Huey Lewis would stay at some people’s houses who were willing to help him.

When he was living in Madrid, Huey Lewis became a well known blues player and continued to play his harmonica. His first concerts were also organized in Madrid. He was paid for them and this allowed him to buy a ticket to get back to the USA.

When he came back, he continued his education as he became a student at Cornell University, where he was studying engineering. However, it did not last for long as he left the university so he could focus on his musician’s career, which eventually began to add huge sums of money to Huey Lewis net worth.

However, in addition to his musical involvement, Huey Lewis was also working at the same time a couple of jobs, such as planning events and weddings, landscaping and some others. Currently, Huey Lewis is living in a ranch in Montana.

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