Hugh Laurie net worth

Hugh Laurie net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie net worth

It has been estimated that Hugh Laurie net worth has an estimate of 40 million dollars. In addition, he has been said to receive a salary of 700 thousand dollars for every episode of the TV show called “Doctor House” which increases the overall amount of Hugh Laurie net worth a lot. Born in 1959, Hugh Laurie is an actor, voice actor, musician, comedian and also screenwriter. He became known to the English audience when he became a member of the comedy duo called Fry and Laurie, which he founded with his friend Stephen Fry.

However, he is mostly known because of his character in the TV show “House’ where he played a role of Dr Gregory House who is the main character in the TV series. Because of his role in the TV series, Hugh Laurie has received six Emmy nominations, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Golden Globes. Thus, in addition to increasing Hugh Laurie net worth the TV show “House” also gained him a lot of accomplishments.

In 2010, Hugh Laurie was considered to be the actor who played in the drama series and got the highest payment for it. Also, his name is written in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records for the same reason.

Moreover, Hugh Laurie has been accepted as the most popular man actor to be watched by millions of people on television.

The actor was born in Oxford, England. Hugh Laurie admitted that in his childhood he felt a lot of frustration with his mother and thought that she did not like him at all and that he was the least loved kid in the family. Hugh Laurie has three other siblings and is the youngest of all of them.
Hugh Laurie studied at the Dragon school. However, he admitted that he was a very bad student and spent most of his time smoking at school and cheating in French language lessons. Later, he started attending the Eton school which he described as an extremely private school.

When graduated he enrolled into Cambridge and the reason why he did so was simply that his father also studied there. When studying in Cambridge, Hugh Laurie became a member in Cambridge Footlights which was a comedy club. In 1981, he was also the president of the club. Thus, before he got involved into drama which today increases Hugh Laurie net worth a lot he was involved with comedy groups.

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