Hulk Hogan net worth

Hulk Hogan net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan net worth

Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Gene Bollea, is an American wrestler, television personality and entrepreneur. Hogan became popular in the early 80’s and was considered to be the major force in the World Wrestling Federation (currently World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, Inc.) for nearly two decades. Hulk has won the world wrestling championship 12 times, WWF/WWE championship 6 times and WWE World Tag Team Championship once. Hulk Hogan net worth is currently estimated at 5$ million.

Hulk was born in Georgia, in a family of Italian, French and Panamanian ancestry. His father Peter Bollea was a construction worker and his mother Ruth was a dancing teacher. Terry was interested in sports since his childhood; however, wrestling was not his first choice. During his early ears Hulk has played in the Little League Baseball. When Terry turned 16, he started watching wrestling matches on TV. In one of his interviews Hogan has revealed that he was fascinated by “inhuman” looks of Dusty Rhodes and Billy Graham, wrestling stars of that day. However, it did not inspire Hogan to seek professional career in wrestling.

Instead, he used to spend hours playing bass guitar.

At his teenage years Terry was so obsessed with becoming a famous musician, that when college began to stand in the way of his music rehearsals and performances he decided to drop education. In 1976 Hogan with a couple of friends formed a group entitled Ruckus. The band soon became extremely popular in the region of Tampa Bay. However, it was not this band that boosted Hulk Hogan net worth to millions of dollars.

Inspired by the looks of the wrestlers Hulk continued working out in the local gym while he was seeking his career in music. Hulk’s career in wrestling began almost accidentally, when two famous wrestlers Jack and Gerald Brisco attended Hulk’s concert with his group. Impressed by the structure of his body, brothers invited Hogan to try his luck in wrestling. In the beginning of his career Hogan has fought under the ring name The Super Destroyer. The wrestler assumed the last name Hogan after he met Vince J. McMahon, a professional wrestling promoter. After this fatal acquisition Hulk started fighting in World Wrestling Federation. It was not long until he earned a nationwide popularity and Hulk Hogan net worth began to grow.

Hulk has received impressive sums for wrestling in WWF and managed to invest them successfully. Until this day he also receives huge income from the sales of his brand and various endorsements. Wasn’t it for his divorce with Linda Hogan, today Hulk Hogan net worth would be considerably higher than $5 million. After this unlucky split-up the court has obliged Hulk to pay his ex-wife 70% (around $30 million) of the families common assets.

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Hulk Hogan net worth

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