Ian Ziering net worth

Ian Ziering net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering net worth

Ian Ziering is a well known name in cinema industry. It has been stated that the current size of Ian Ziering net worth is 8 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth has been accumulated because of his appearance on the hit TV series called “Beverly Hills 90210”, where he was casted for a role of Steve Sanders. He appeared in those series between the years 1990-2000.

In addition to that, he is also a well known voice actor. As such, he voiced a character of Vinnie in the production called “Biker Mice from Mars”. Thus, being a voice actor is another important source of Ian Ziering net worth.

In 2013, he got a role in a movie called “Sharknado” and because of his appearance there Ian Ziering started to get more and more notoriety. In addition to his involvement into acting, he is also known as a musician. As such, he is known to be in a band called “Golden Ziering”. Thus, music is another source of Ian Ziering net worth.

Ian Ziering was born in New Jersey in 1964. When he graduated from high school, Ian Ziering entered William Paterson University, from which he graduated in 1988.

Two years later, he was chosen for a role of Steve Sanders in the show “Beverly Hills 90210”, which made him a huge international star and also added up to the overall amount of Ian Ziering net worth.

Moreover, he appeared on the show called “Dancing with the Stars” on its 4th season. There, he was a celebrity dancer and he was in a pair with Cheryl Burke. Although the couple did well on the show and reached the semi-finals of it, the pair did not make it to the finals, unfortunately.

Talking more about him as a TV show star, Ian Ziering has appeared in “The Doctors”, “What I Like about You”, “Guiding Light” and “JAG”.

In 2007, Ian Ziering attended auditions in order to be a host of the show “The Price Is Right”. Although he did well, the part went to Drew Carey. It is also worth mentioning that his former wife Nikki played a role of a Model on this show in the period of 1999-2002. His and Nikki’s wedding ceremony happened in 1997. In 2002, Ian Ziering decided to divorce and as a base of his decision were stated irreconcilable differences. However, in 2010, the news were released that he was going to marry Erin Kristine Ludwig.

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