Ice T net worth

Ice T net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Ice T

Ice T net worth

Ice T, a famous American rapper and actor, was born in New Jersey in 1958. Ice T, real name Tracy Marrow, had extremely difficult childhood. He became an orphan at the age 12 and had to move to Los Angeles to live with his relatives. At that time criminal gangs where flourishing all over LA and the district where Ice-T lived wasn’t much different. Most of his peers where already using drugs and wasn’t it for his talent, Tracy probably would have gone down the same road. Luckily, he avoided this fate and today Ice-T net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.

As every kid in the world, Marrow loved his parents. In one of his interviews he has shared his memories about his dad. As Ice- T recalls, he was a simple, hard working mechanic, a man of a few words but a good heart. His mother, as he noted, was never very affectionate toward her son, she never showered him in sweet words, but in his heart Marrow always knew that she loves him more than anything.

Their sudden death from the heart failures (his mother suffered a deathly heart attack when Ice-T was at the 3rd grade, his father died from the same reason a few years latter) came as a great shock to the boy.

As Ice-T revealed latter, the death of his parents were even harder to take because he had no siblings to share his pain with. Today, when ice T net worth is over $30 million, he still remembers this period with grief.

Life in LA was not any easier. Nearly all the kids in his school belonged to some criminal group and where fighting in between of clans. To stay alive, Ice-T needed somebody to watch his back too, thus he aligned with one of the criminal gangs called Crips. However, Ice- T never felt like one of them. Unlike his peers he did not smoke or use drugs, but what really made him special- he wanted to study. Despite the peer-pressured, Ice-T has managed to graduate from high school with good grades.

However, it wasn’t enough to put his life on the right track. After school he got sucked into the street life, started selling marijuana and stealing stereos from cars to pay for the day. However, it was not enough for Ice-T to support both himself and his girlfriend. Not being able to find another way to earn for living Ice-T soon joined the army, tempted by the salary it offered. It was in the army that Ice-T has fallen for hip-hop culture and learned how to rap himself. In 1982, after he came home from army, Ice-T recorded his first single with a help of Saturn Records Company.

Although a song did not add much money to Ice-T net worth (radio stations were reluctant to air it because of hardcore lyrics), it became a huge hit in underground and made Marrow’s stage name well known for hip-hop fans.
The real break-through in Ice-T career came around in 1987, when his first album entitled Rhythm Pays was released. Rhythm Pays, as well as two albums that fallowed, was sold in millions of copies and certified gold by the RIAA. Money from the sales of those three albums added a solid sum to the current Ice-T network. And that was just a beginning of his impressive career.

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