Immortal Technique net worth

Immortal Technique net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique net worth

It has been estimated that the total sum of Immortal Technique net worth reaches 2.5 million dollars. He has accumulated such a net worth while being a famous rapper. In addition to his rapping career, he is also known as an urban activist.


He was born in Lima, Peru, he moved to Harlem, New York, where he was raised, as well. A lot of the topics in his songs are focused on issues related to politics. The lyrics of his songs are very similar to a type of commentary, where he discusses issues, such as poverty, religion, Marxism, imperialism, government, class struggle and racism. Immortal Technique is also known for his views on various subjects. For example, he stated that it is record labels who get most of the money from artists’ production and not the actual artists who make music. Thus, he tries to retain control over his production as much as he can. It is also known that he has three official records released and it is also known that 200 thousand copies of them have been sold, which also increased the overall amount of Immortal Technique net worth.

In 1978, Immortal Technique was born. He was born in Lima, Peru, in a military hospital. In 1980, he had his family moved to live to Harlem, New York, where he was raised. When he was a teenager, he was arrested quite a lot of times because of stealing and other crimes, which later Immortal Technique has admitted that it showed his signs of immature and childish behavior.

When he was studying at university, he once again had to face the court because he was arrested for assault and as a result, he had to stay in jail for 1 year. After his release, Immortal Technique began studying politics in Baruch College, established in New York City. This was not because of his own will: his father let him to stay with him if Immortal Technique would attend some school.

However, it was in jail when he started to create his rap music and in order to support himself financially, he sold his records on streets in New York City. Little did he know at that time, he would eventually become a millionaire and music would be the main source of Immortal Technique net worth. Also, at the same time, in order to attract attention, Immortal Technique competed in various free style and rapping contests.

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