India Summer net worth

India Summer net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About India Summer

India Summer net worth

It has been calculated that the overall sum of India Summer net worth is 1 million dollars, according to the recent estimations. India Summer has become famous because of her career in porn industry, where in addition to posing nude for photographers she is also known as a pornographic actress. Thus, her work in this industry made her well known and also added up a lot to the total sum of India Summer net worth. Her stage name ‘India Summers’ is based on Indian Summer and the song of the same title recorded by The Doors. In addition to her career in pornographic work, she is also known as a mainstream actress and this career has also added up some revenues to the total size of India Summer net worth.
The actress was born in 1975. When she was 16 years old, she got her first job, which was working as a lifeguard. She kept this job until she graduated from college. India Summer wanted to become a teacher and was studying in order to become such. After college, India Summer was working in the field of finances, where she stayed for 6 years.
When she was 29 years old, India Summer began to work in pornographic industry as a model and actress and this sphere is the main one that added up most of revenues to the overall size of India Summer net worth.

In 2009, she appeared in a parody called “Drill Baby Drill”, which was made by Penthouse Features. In 2009, India Summer signed a contract with Girlfriends Films studio and the contract was stated to be for girl/girl scenes.
In 2011 she debuted as a director when her first film called “Perfect Fit” was released. In 2012, Internet Adult Film Database reported that India Summer was the busiest female performer in the industry. In 2011, 78 new titles were released. Thus, her work in pornographic industry has been recognized, as well. By many people she is still considered as the most prolific white female interracial performer. She has 118 interracial titles.
India Summer has also admitted that the hateful part of her work is coping with hate mail which she receives for performing interracial job. India Summer is also known from some mainstream productions, as she has appeared in “Dexter” as well as “Sons of Anarchy”. India Summer was also chosen for a role in the Showtime series called “Girls of Sunset Place as Marina Haze”.

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india summer net worth india summer net worth

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