Jack Dorsey net worth

Jack Dorsey net worth

Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

About Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey net worth

Jack Dorsey, born in 1976, is an American businessman and internet developer, best known as a creator of online social network Twitter. He is also a co-founder and chief executive officer of a profitable mobile payments company, Square. In 2008 MIT Technology Review TR35 named Jack as one of the greatest inventors in the world, in a category under 35 years old. In 2012, one of the most influential business magazines, The Wall Street Journal, honored Dorsey by giving him an Innovator of the year Award. Jack Dorsey net worth is currently estimated at $1.1 billion, placing him at No. 408 on Forbes United States Billionaires List.

Jack was born in Missouri, where he attended a Catholic Bishop DuBourg High School and latter enrolled at Missouri University of Science and Technology. A couple of months later Dorsey transferred to University of New York. That’s where he first came up with an idea of what would later become twitter.com. Jack Dorsey net worth started to grow by the time he was 24. In 2000 he founded a small private company which dispatched taxis and couriers. The same year he got the idea of creating a webpage, which would allow for a quick and easy status update sharing among friends.

Fascinated with this idea Jack was working days and nights until in two weeks a prototype of the webpage was finished. Judging from the current Jack Dorsey net worth, it’s not hard to guess that his efforts did not go to waste. With some initial investments from Odeo company, Noah Glass, Stone and Dorsey co-founded an online business Obvious, which latter developed Twitter.

The amazing success of Twitter is well documented in a timeline of tweets. The startup of the company was fuelled by two vast investment rounds, with a funding by independent venture capitalists. As a chief officer, Jack has managed the whole process. In 2008 the position of CEO was taken over by Evan Williams. For those who are wondering who is this man- Evan is an internet entrepreneur, widely credited as a creator of some of the world’s most popular websites and the owner of such companies as Blogger. John returned to Twitter as the SEO in 2011, after three years spent on the company’s board as a chairman.

In 2010 Dorsey launched another business project, entitled Square. The basic function of the company was providing credit and debit card services over the small squire-shaped device which attaches to Apple products. The system also allowed sending receipts over text messages or e-mails and was available as a free app for Android OS and iOS. In 2012 Business Insider evaluated the company at $3.2 billion. Needles to say, the profits from Squire are responsible for a bigger part of Jack Dorsey net worth. ,

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