Jackie Chan net worth

Jackie Chan net worth

Net Worth: $130 Million

About Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan net worth

Jackie Chan, real name Chan Kong-sang, is an actor, comedian, action choreographer, martial artist, producer, screenwriter, director and entrepreneur form Hong Kong. His signature acting style features are the use of improvised weapons, comic timing and acrobatic fighting. During his career which now spans over more than five decades Jackie has appeared in 150 films approximately. Jackie Chan net worth is currently estimated at $130 million.

Chan was born in British Hong Kong in 1954. His parents Lee-Lee and Charles Chan were refugees and both worked at the French Embassy, thus the boy spent most of his childhood in the consular residence. Chan was one of those kids who seem to learn how to run earlier then they learn how to walk properly. He was extremely energetic and could not stay in the same place for more than five minutes, thus his parents nicknamed him Poe-poe, a cannonball translated in English. When the boy turned the right age his parents sent him to the Hong Kong Island Primary School, but Chan failed to finish the first class. After that Lee-Lee and Charles decided to send their son to the China Drama Academy.

That’s where Jackie’s real talent unfolded. The boy trained without cease and eventually became excellent at acrobatics and martial arts. These skills latter boosted Jackie Chan net worth to millions.

Back in China Drama School Chan joined a performance group Seven Little Fortunes, which united the best students of the academy. It was with some members of this group that Chan made his first movie appearance in Big and Little Wong Tin Bar at the age of 8. During the following decade he made a few more film appearances, including roles in the movies The Love Eterne and Come Drink With Me. However it was not those roles that brought Jackie Chan net worth $130 million. Chan began his career as an adult actor in 1971, after he signed a contract with Chu Mu’s Great Earth Film Company. Soon he was cast as a stun performer in Bruce Lee movies Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury. Through the 70s Jackie appeared in numerous action and comedic movies, including All in the Family, Little Tiger of Canton and The Shinjuku Incident.

Chan achieved international success after he started working with Willy Chan, a personal manager who stayed with Jackie for thirty years. His first Hollywood movie was Battle Creek Braw, which appeared in the cinemas in 1980. The following year Chan stared in the movie The Cannonbal Run, which brought the profit of $100 million. As years went by Jackie’s fame did not fade away, his salary grew more and more impressive. In 2000 Chan was paid $5 million for Shanghai Noon. His roles in Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3 boosted Jackie Chan net worth by $15 million each.

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jackie chan net worth jackie chan net worth jackie chan net worth

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