Jackie Jackson net worth

Jackie Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $200 thousand

About Jackie Jackson

Jackie Jackson net worth

Jackie Jackson is a well known musician. He is mostly known as a part of a popular family in the show business, Jacksons, and he is a brother of a superstar Michael Jackson. Thus, Jackie Jackson belonged to the band of “Jackson 5”, which has added a lot to the overall amount of Jackie Jackson net worth, which currently has been stated to reach a sum of 200 thousand dollars.

Jackie Jackson was born in 1951 during his mother’s birthday. He was born in a working family’s household. He and the rest of his siblings were raised in a house in Gary, Indiana. In 1964, the father of the family formed the first band, which included his kids, and which was called “Jackson Brothers”. The band at first was not as huge as it became later, the original members of the band were Jackie, Jermaine and Tito. Later, the group was joined by two other members – Michael and Marlon.

In 1966, the band’s leader became Michael Jackson and soon the band became known as “The Jackson 5”. Thus, the band also started to increase net worth of the whole family, including Jackie Jackson net worth. In 1969, the band got signed to Motown Records.

It is also worth mentioning that before the band got signed to the mentioned label, Jackie Jackson was also interested into sports, and he wanted to become a professional baseball player. However, when his father got to know about this, he prohibited him to leave his career as a musician and was forced to join the band. Jackie Jackson did not get on well with his father during these years, as well.

In the band, Jackie Jackson was singing as a high tenor. As a leading singer, he had some short parts in huge hits of the band, such as “ABC” and “I Want You Back”. In 1973, Jackie Jackson decided to become a solo artist. He released an album in the same year, however, it did not become successful and did not place in charts.

In 1976, the band left the label of Motown, and got signed to CBS Records. With changing the record label, Jackie Jackson got more leading parts in songs and also contributed a lot to writing lyrics of the band’s songs. Therefore, Jackie Jackson net worth also began to increase a lot. Also, soon his voice began to change and from being a high tenor he became a lower tenor.

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