Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery

Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery

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Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery

Nowadays, when plastic surgery has become so popular, people automatically start creating various rumors as soon as they notice even the slightest change in celebrity’s appearance. Recently people started speculating about possible Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery. Most of the people know her as a wife of famous actor Will Smith, but some of you might know that she is a very successful woman herself. She is an actress, singer, director, producer, songwriter and creator of her own production company.

There haven’t been many different rumors about possible Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery – most of them were only concentrating on her cheek area. People have noticed that Jada’s face looks slightly unnatural – it seems that her full cheeks stretched the skin on her face and now it looks too tight. People believe that she might have had cheek filler injections or even cheek implants. If we look at some of the photo comparisons, we can see that her cheeks have changed over the years, but nobody knows if that happened because of plastic surgery or other reasons.

When Jada Pinkett Smith has been asked to comment on the rumors about her possible plastic surgery, she has denied having anything done.

Many of her fans believe that she is telling the truth and the changes that we see have happened naturally. First thing that we can notice when looking at those photo comparisons is that people are comparing photos which are many years apart. Naturally, when women age, they loose some of the so called baby fat from their faces. Also, nowadays photos aren’t the most reliable source of information\, especially when we are talking about possible plastic surgery. Even such little things as different lighting or view angle can make certain person’s characteristics look slightly different. One way or another, Jada Pinkett Smith certainly isn’t an example of bad plastic surgery.

All things considered, it is still hard to tell if those rumors about Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery are true or not. Having in mind that she is already in her 40s, Jada Pinkett Smith is impressively youthful and beautiful woman and it doesn’t look that she would need any kind of surgical altering. Some of her fans are a little worried that she might become one of the plastic surgery celebrities, because sooner or later the signs of aging will start to show and she will have to choose what to do about it.

Did Jada Pinkett Smith Undergone Plastic Surgery

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