Jaleel White net worth

Jaleel White net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Jaleel White

Jaleel White net worth

Jaleel White is an American actor as well as a screenwriter and producer, who has a net worth of 4 million dollars, as it has been reported. In 1989, Jaleel White got a role of Steve Urkel in a popular TV show called “Family Matters” and this show brought first sums of money to Jaleel White net worth. Originally, his character was supposed to be a guest role, however, it got a lot of popularity from audiences and soon it became one of the main cast members. The show was broadcasted for nine seasons, from 1989 till 1997 and for one year from 1997 to 1998. However, the first episodes of the show were aired on the ABC channel and the rest of them – the ones between the years 1997-1998 – were aired on the CBS channel.

When the TV show finished, in 1999 Jaleel White got a role in another TV show called “Grown Ups”, where he appeared for one year. After this role, Jaleel White decided to study cinema arts at the UCLA, from which he graduated in 2001 and was studying film and television.

Next, he got more and more roles in television and films, such as “Dreamgirls” in 2006 and appeared as a guest star in productions, such as “Psych”, “House” and “Boston Legal”.

These appearances added a lot to the overall amount of Jaleel White net worth. In 2012, Jaleel White also became a show host with appearing on a TV show called “Total Blackout”.

Jaleel White was born in Pasadena, California, in 1976. His father was working as a dentist and his mother left her job as a homemaker in order to manage her son’s career as an actor. The first one who saw his potential in acting was his teacher in preschool, who advised his mother to enroll little Jaleel White into acting lessons, so she did.

When Jaleel White was three years old, he started appearing in TV commercials, as most of popular actors did. One of the most notable TV commercials in which he appeared was for Jell-O, in which he appeared with Bill Cosby, who is also an actor today.

In 1984, Jaleel White got a guest role in TV series called “The Jeffersons”. Soon, he was casted to appear in another TV show called “Charlie and the Company”. Thus, with more and more roles, Jaleel White net worth also started to increase a lot.

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