Jamarcus Russell net worth

Jamarcus Russell net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Jamarcus Russell

Jamarcus Russell net worth

Jamarcus Russell is one of those celebrities who cannot boost about their huge net worth. This is because Jamarcus Russell has gone into many debts and currently it has been estimated that the overall sum of Jamarcus Russell net worth reaches -5 million dollars. However, at one point in his career his net worth reached 25 million dollars. Jamarcus Russell has accumulated his net worth through being a successful NFL player.

In 2007, it was stated officially that Jamarcus Russell signed a contract deal with Oakland Raiders, which was claimed to be worth 68 million dollars. Out of those 68 million dollars, 32 million dollars were granted, which also increased the total sum of Jamarcus Russell net worth. In the team, Jamarcus Russell was playing as the quarterback. However, his career as a player in the NFL team Oakland Raiders was quite short.

In 2010 Jamarcus Russell was released and since then his career in NFL was on and off and he mainly remained just as an agent in the field. However, his mark in football industry has made him a star in the field and it also increased the overall estimate of Jamarcus Russell net worth.

His career into football started when he was only a child. He excelled in football when he was studying in high school. In 2003, he was accepted to Louisiana State University. In 2005 season, Jamarcus Russell was selected to be the starting quarterback for his university. Two years later, he participated in the NFL draft and he was selected as the first overall pick by the Oakland Raiders, and this involvement added up to the overall amount of Jamarcus Russell net worth, as well.

His first appearance in the field happened in 2007, when he was playing again the Denver Broncos. Two years later, Jamarcus Russell became the starting quarterback for the team. After this season, in 2010, it was stated that Jamarcus Russell arrived to the camp of the team weighing quite more than normal, which reached 290 pounds.

This was one of the problems why he was released from playing in the Oakland Raiders team. After he was released from the team, it has not been known if he would still be active in football industry. However, Jamarcus Russell is still regarded as one of the biggest busts in the history of NFL and this sport has added much popularity to him.

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