James Cameron net worth

James Cameron net worth

Net Worth: $700 Million

About James Cameron

James Cameron net worth

James Cameron is one of the most successful Hollywood film directors of all time. He earned an everlasting fame in film industry in 1997, when his movie Titanic appeared in the cinemas. With a revenue of $1 billion, Titanic became the most profitable film of all tame, earned fourteen Academy Awards nominations and three Oscars for Cameron personally. After this initial success, Cameron continued to amaze the audience with such movies like Aliens, The Terminator or more recently- Avatar, another Academy Awards favorite and box office hit. Not surprisingly, James Cameron net worth is currently estimated to be around $700 million

James was born in Canada, in 1954. Since his childhood Cameron loved fantasy and science fiction books and used to spend hours reading them. Maybe it was a dream to make real life more similar to since fiction stories that encouraged James to study physics in California State University. However, it wasn’t long before Cameron realized that his future lies not with since, but with movies and went on to pursue his dream.

Cameron’s first film, entitled Xenogeneses, has reached the daylight when he was still in his 20s.

Although it did not attract attention of wider masses, Cameron’s potential was noticed by another famous film director Roger Cameron and helped James get a job in his company. It took some time until his talent matured and James Cameron net worth began to grow. His first big hit was a movie Terminator, released in 1984. The film told a thrilling story about the robot from the future that travels to our times in order to find and kill the would-be leader of human kind in a battle between people and machines that haven’t even broken up yet.

The movie was praised by both critics and the audience. It added a solid sum to James Cameron net worth and helped him get funding for his next grand project- the movie Aliens. Cameron’s next box office hit was Terminator 2: The Judgment Day. With the budget of $100 million it became the priciest film made by that day.

With a success of Terminator 2, Cameron managed to get double as big budget for his next masterpiece Titanic. The success of this movie was already discusses in this article, but did you know it added $650 million to James Cameron net worth? There is an interesting story behind this. When the production of the film was already coming to an end, Cameron realized that even the budget of $200 million won’t be enough to fulfill his vision.

In order to get additional funding to his movie, Cameron agreed he would trade in his $8 million directing fee in exchange for backend profits. Soon after the movie has reached the cinemas and started bringing back hundreds of millions it appeared to be the smartest deal that Cameron has ever made!

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James Cameron net worth James Cameron net worth

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