James Earl Jones net worth

James Earl Jones net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of James Earl Jones net worth is 45 million dollars. James Earl Jones became famous because of his involvement into acting. He has starred in productions made for theatre as well as screen. However, mostly he is known for his career as a voice actor, which has also increased the total estimate of James Earl Jones net worth. Mostly, as such, he is known from the hit animation film called “The Lion King”, where he voiced characters Mufasa and Darth Vader. His involvement into cinema has also been awarded with numerous awards, such as Golden Globe, Emmy awards, SAGA and Tony Awards.

The actor was born in 1931 in Mississippi. He has been involved into acting career for more than 50 years and of course during such a long amount of time James Earl Jones net worth has increased by a mile. By a lot of critics in cinema industry James Earl Jones is considered as one of the most distinguished and versatile actors.

When he was born, his father left the family and James Earl Jones was raised mostly by his grandparents from his mother’s side. However, James Earl Jones has stated that his childhood was very hard and he eventually developed a stutter.

In high school, fortunately, he grew out of his speech disorder. He continued his education at the University of Michigan, where he was studying medicine.

However, when he was already studying there, James Earl Jones got interested into acting and he realized that he liked it more than the subject he studied – medicine. Thus, after his service in military, James Earl Jones moved to live to New York, where he intended to study acting and became a student at the American Theatre Wing.

In 1957, he debuted as a Broadway star. Since his first appearance as an actor, James Earl Jones has earned audience and critics’ recognition and his performances were recognized with numerous awards.

In 1964, for the first time he appeared in a movie. The first film in which he starred was called “Dr. Strangelove”. Since that time, he has appeared in many more films and such appearances have also added up revenues to the total estimate of James Earl Jones net worth. Moreover, he is well known from the movie called “The Great White Hope”, and for his appearance in it he was awarded with the Academy Award and Tony Award.

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