James Hetfield net worth

James Hetfield net worth

Net Worth: $175 Million

About James Hetfield

James Hetfield net worth

The estimate of James Hetfield net worth has been said to reach an amount of 175 million dollars. James Hetfield has accumulated his net worth through being a successful musician, singer, guitarist, song writer and record producer. Moreover, he is mostly credited with founding one of the most popular bands of heavy metal music genre, called “Metallica”. Also, “Metallica” added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of James Hetfield net worth.

In 1981, James Hetfield established the band, when he found an advertisement in a newspaper, which was written by Lars Ulrich and in which he stated that he was looking for some musicians in order to establish a music group. During his career in “Metallica”, he added a lot to the overall success of the band. “Metallica” is known as a recipient of nine Grammy awards as well as it has released nine albums and 24 singles.

James Hetfield grew up in a care of his mother, since his father left the family while he was still a kid. His mother was also involved into music, she was an opera singer. One of the most interesting facts is that his family was against artificial medical treatments and they also acted according to this belief when James Hetfield’s mother was dying from cancer.

Also, this belief can be identified in many lyrics of the band “Metallica” songs. One of such songs was “The God that Failed”. When James Hetfield was 16 years old, his mother died from cancer.

When he was a kid, James Hetfield started to play piano and later he was taught by his brothers how to play guitar and drums, which also added up to the overall amount of James Hetfield net worth. Before he established his own band, James Hetfield belonged to other bands, when he was a teenager, such as “Obsession” and “Leather Charm”.

One of the main musical influences of James Hetfield as growing up was the band “Aerosmith”. Also, performances of this band inspired James Hetfield to learn how to play guitar. Other most important influences which James Hetfield cited included “Deep Purple” and “Led Zeppelin”. During the years of “Metallica”, the bands members have left and came back to the band and other new members were accepted as well. Nevertheless, James Hetfield stayed with the band all the time and this is the reason why James Hetfield net worth is so high.

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