James Packer net worth

James Packer net worth

Net Worth: $7.19 Billion

About James Packer

James Packer net worth

It has been reported that the total estimate of James Packer net worth reaches as high as 7.19 billion Australian dollars, however, a huge part of this net worth has been accumulated not through his own efforts, but because of his wealthy family. James Packer is also known to be a businessman from Australia. James Packer is well known for his family relations as well, as his father is Kerry Packer, a huge media mogul, and his grandfather is Sir Frank Packer. James Packer has inherited business which belongs to his family – Consolidated Press Holdings Limited. The company is known to be controlling investments in several companies, such as Ratpac Entertainment, Crown Resorts and many other companies. Therefore, it is also considered as an important source of James Packer net worth.

Before he got involved into this business full force, James Packer was also known as a chairman of Consolidated Media Holdings and Publishing and Broadcasting Limited, thus, these sources have also been important when it comes to increasing the total size of James Packer net worth. According to BRW Magazine, today James Packer is regarded as one of the richest businesspeople in Australia, as he holds the third position of the richest people in the mentioned country.

In 2006 as well as in 2007, James Packer was considered as the wealthiest person in Australia. In 2014, James Packer net worth was estimated to reach 6.6 billion American dollars according to Forbes Asia magazine.

James Packer was born in 1967 in Sydney, Australia. His father was the one who encouraged his son to get involved into business world. Also, it is known that James Packer has not attended any university as his father was against them saying that all his son could learn there was only how to smoke marijuana. Thus, his father was his toughest mentor in his career as a businessman.

At this time, James Packer’s one of the main involvements is serving as a chairman for the Crown Limited. This company is known as one of the biggest Australian resorts groups. In 2013, the capitalization of this company reached as high as 11 billion dollars. Every year, Crown Resorts are visited by more than 25 million people, which also shows that this resort group is one of the biggest attractions for tourists in Australia. Thus, being a chairman of Crown Resorts Group has made James Packer even more richer.

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