James Patterson net worth

James Patterson net worth

Net Worth: $310 Million

About James Patterson

James Patterson net worth

James Patterson is one of the most well known authors in the world, who is also regarded as one of the richest since the current sum of James Patterson net worth has been announced to reach a huge sum of 310 million dollars. James Patterson is probably mostly known from his books about Alex Cross, which also became televised. In addition to that, he is also known as an author of a couple of book series, such as “Women’s Murder Club”, “Daniel X”, “Michael Bennett”, “Witch and Wizard” and “Maximum Ride”. In addition to these, he is also known as an author of romance books. More than 300 million copies of his books have been sold on an international scale and such amount also increased the total estimate of James Patterson net worth.

James Patterson was born in 1947 in New York. After graduating from high school, James Patterson was studying at Manhattan College, where he graduated with BA in English. Also, he got his Master degree in the same studies from Vanderbilt University. In 1996, James Patterson quitted his career as an advertiser. His aim was to improve his skills in writing and to become a known author all around the world.

In 1976, his first book was published, which was called “The Thomas Berryman Number”. However, the book series which made him a huge star is his novels about Alex Cross. These books are also regarded as best-sellers on New York Times and stayed in this list for the past 10 years. Thus, the sales of them also have added a lot to the overall amount of James Patterson net worth.

Since his beginning as a writer in 1976, James Patterson has written almost 100 novels. James Patterson is also known as an entrée into the Guinness World Records. This was due to the fact that he is the only writer whose hardcover fiction books sold most by a single author. The total number of them is 76. Also, it has been claimed that in recent years James Patterson sold more books than any other popular author, such as Stephen King, Dan Brown or John Grishman. Also, if summed all the sold books of these three authors, it does not go pass the sales of James Patterson books.
Therefore, it is quite safe to say that James Patterson is the best selling author in the United States and this could also be proven when taking a look at James Patterson net worth.

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