James Spader net worth

James Spader net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About James Spader

James Spader net worth

It has been reported that the overall sum of James Spader net worth reaches 10 million dollars, according to the recent calculations. He has earned his success in finances as well as fame because of his career as an actor. James Spader has appeared in numerous productions that made him a huge success in this field, such as “The Practice”, “Pretty in Pink”, “Boston Legal”, “Sex, Lies and Videotapes”, amongst many others. These films have also added up to the total size of James Spader net worth. James Spader career into acting has also been evaluated with numerous awards and honors, as he is a recipient of three Emmy awards.

The actor was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1960. When he was a student at school James Spader was not interested into his academic course as he wanted to become an actor. Thus he quitted attending school and enrolled into Michael Chekhov School, which is based in New York City. Before he became a well known actor, James Spader was working a lot of odd jobs, such as yoga instructor, railroad-car loader, truck driver, stable boy and busboy.

In 1981, James Spader got one of his biggest roles in cinema industry, when he was chosen to appear in “Endless Love”, where he starred as a brother of Brooke Shields.

James Spader got his first starring role in the production called “Tuff Turf”. There, he appeared with one of his best friends, named Robert Downey, Jr.

In 1986, James Spader became even more well known when he starred in a movie called “Pretty in Pink”. This production has also increased the overall size of James Spader net worth. Since that time, James Spader became a well known actor not only from films, but also from TV productions. In 2005, James Spader received one of his biggest honors up to this day, which was receiving an Emmy award for his work in the production called “Boston Legal”. Thus, this show not only added up to James Spader net worth, but also earned him recognition.

In 2015, there is going to be a movie released called “The Avengers”, where James Spader will also be seen. In 2013, he began to appear in another production called “The Blacklist”, which is a TV show on the NBC channel, and this involvement is also regarded as one of the main present sources of his net worth.

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