James Taylor net worth

James Taylor net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About James Taylor

James Taylor net worth

James Taylor is a well known name when talking about American music industry. He is known as a singer, songwriter as well as a guitarist. Thus, music has been the main source of his fame as well as his financial situation. It has been reported that the current size of James Taylor net worth is 60 million dollars. His involvement into music has been awarded with various prestigious awards. An example of that could be his five winnings of Grammy awards. In 2000, James Taylor’s name was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In 1970, James Taylor became more and more prominent in the music industry. The first single he released in that year was called “Fire and Rain” and this song landed in the 3rd position of the charts. In 1971, James Taylor released a single which went to number 1 position and which was called “You’ve Got a Friend”. The latter song is known to be also sung by Carole King. Therefore, in that period, James Taylor net worth also increased a lot.

In 1976, James Taylor released a compilation album called “Greatest Hits”. The album proved to be a huge commercial success and it was titled to be Diamond, since 12 million copies of the mentioned album were sold in the United States and these sales also increased the total size of James Taylor net worth.

One year later, James Taylor released another album called “JT”. Thus, with this release, James Taylor secured his place in music business.

However, before the 1990s and 2000s, James Taylor was not as successful as he used to be before. In the mentioned period (1990s and 2000s) James Taylor came back with huge success and released three award winning recordings, such as “October Road”, “Hourglass” and “Covers”. These recordings also have added up to the total sum of James Taylor net worth.

James Taylor was born in 1948 in Massachusetts. When he was three years old, James Taylor and his family moved to live to North Carolina. It was also this place where he learnt how to play guitar. James Taylor has been active in music industry for a long time and sometimes it was less successful, sometimes more successful, but today he is enjoying his time in show business, which also adds up to the overall size of his net worth. His songs are known everywhere around the world and there are many music artists, who cover his songs, such as Taylor Swift, who sang his song “Fire and Rain”.

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