Jamie Foxx net worth

Jamie Foxx net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx net worth

Eric Marlon Bishop, better known as Jamie Foxx, is a famous American stand-up comedian, actor, singer, songwriter and radio show host. As an actor Jamie is best known for his role in Ray, a movie which brought Jamie Bafta and Academy awards for the Best Actor. His most recent role was in an award winning film Django Unchained. With three albums that entered Billboard 200 (Intuition, Best Night of My life and Unpredictable) Jamie can also be named a successful recording artist. Jamie Foxx net worth is currently estimated at $45 million.

Chris was born in Texas to Darrel Bishop and Louise Annette Talley. His father, a stockbroker, later converted to Islam and renamed himself Shahid Abdula. His parents gave him up when he was still a baby and Chris was adopted by the same people who adopted and raised his mother: a nursery operator Esther Marie and a yard worker Mark Talley. Esther and Mark were simple, deeply religious people who worked hard to support their family and could not have imagined that one day Jamie Foxx net worth will be counted in millions. Jamie’s talent for music unfolded when he was still a child.

The boy entered a church choir and soon became its leader and pianist. Music was not the only talent of Foxx. He was so good at making people laugh that his teachers at school used him as a bounty. If the class was quite and concentrated, at the end of the lesson teacher would ask Foxx to tell them a few jokes. Besides that Jamie was one of the best student in school and an excellent football player. The boy dreamed one day he would join Dallas Cowboys. With all these talents it’s safe to say that Jamie Foxx net worth would probably be way above the fortunes of an average citizen whichever career path he chose.

After high school Jamie received a scholarship to attend the United States International University. He chose to study classical music and composition. He made his debut in show business in 1989. There is a funny story behind his current stage name. When Eric Marlon Bishop was about to perform as a stand-up comedian for the first time in his life he learned that it is the club’s policy to let the women climb on the stage first. He registered as Jamie so the people responsible for making the evening program could not tell whether he is a man or a female. He chose the last name Foxx in honor of a deceased comedian Redd Foxx. Since that day Jamie had to go the long way before he achieved a worldwide recognition. His music career only took off in 2004, when he recorded a single with a rapper Twista. His album Unpredictable released in 2005 sold nearly 600 thousand copies during the first week and added a solid sum to the current Jamie Foxx net worth. His acting career shifted into the high gear around the same time.

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jamie foxx net worth jamie foxx net worth jamie foxx net worth

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