Jamie Oliver net worth

Jamie Oliver net worth

Net Worth: $170 Million

About Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver net worth

Jamie Oliver is the most known British restaurateur. It has been stated that the overall estimate of Jamie Oliver net worth reaches 170 million dollars. In addition to being one of the world’s most known restaurateurs, Jaime Oliver is also known as a media personality, which is another important source of Jaime Oliver net worth.

Jamie Oliver has accumulated his net worth through various shows about his cooking as well as cookbooks, restaurants and his company called “Sweet as Candy”. Jamie Oliver is also known because of his view that everybody should be eating healthier, he also introduces this policy in schools as well as in his own household. Jamie Oliver is known to be against processed food and he introduces his hope for healthier eating in the United Kingdom and the Unites States.

Jamie Oliver is known to have his own TV show which is called “The Naked Chef”, which adds a lot of revenues to Jaime Oliver net worth. During the show, he teaches audiences his expertise in cooking delicious meals. The entertainer is known to be a culinary artist of British and Italian food.

However, he is also known as a great cook of other cuisines as well.

Jamie Oliver was born in Essex, England, but he grew up in Cambridge. Jamie Oliver got interested into cuisine when he visited his parents work – his parents worked at a pub called “The Cricketers”. When he was still a little boy, he used to help kitchen staff in “The Cricketers”. When he was growing up, his passion for cooking was strengthened more and more.

When he was 16 years old, Jamie Oliver became a student at the Westminster Catering College. He moved to live to France, where he got a job in catering services. Moreover, he got a position as a head pastry chef at Italian restaurant called “The Neal Street Restaurant”. The restaurant has a very good reputation in England and is regarded to be as one of the best ones, what regards Italian food.

After that, Jamie Oliver worked at The River Café, where he stayed for more than three years. When he was working there, he appeared in a documentary of the café, which was called “Christmas at the River Café” and it was the time, when his career as a restaurateur took off. It started to add huge sums of money to Jamie Oliver net worth, he became a huge TV star with having his own TV shows and publishing books about his cooking.

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