Jared Fogle net worth

Jared Fogle net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle net worth

Jared Fogle is a well known man in the entertainment industry. It has been reported that the current sum of Jared Fogle net worth reaches 15 million dollars. In the entertainment industry, Jared Fogle is also sometimes referred to as the Subway Guy. He is mostly known from the advertisements of Subway, and he is serving as a spokesman of the company, as well, which is also one of the main sources of Jared Fogle net worth.

Jared Fogle is also known for his diet, which allowed him to lose a lot of weight, his diet being later called as the “Subway diet”. His diet is related to eating Subways, as the title of it implies. Also, his diet led to him to be the main promoter of the company of Subways, which not only increased his popularity and image in the public, but also added up to the overall amount of Jared Fogle net worth.

In 1999, Jared Fogle got exposed to media, when ‘Indiana Daily Student’ released an article about him and his successful weight loss technique. In addition, after this article, Jared Fogle’s story was also published in “Men’s Health” magazine. In the article it was stated that Jared Fogle was used to eating junk food and did not exercise at all.

Seeing that he started to gain much weight, he switched his eating habits and started to eat Subway production. Also, he started to choose healthier eating, such as he got rid of the mayonnaise, which led him to lose weight quite fast. A Chicago based Subway company decided to use his story in its advertisings.

In 2000, the first advertisement featuring Jared Fogle was released, where it was stated that in addition to his eating Subways, he incorporate it into his diet and walked a lot in one day. The advertisement proved to be a success and it also added up to the total sum of Jared Fogle net worth. Since that time, Jared Fogle has appeared in many TV commercials. In addition to that, he has also appeared in a lot of in-store promotions in the United States.

Also, Jared Fogle served as a spokesman in the opening of Subway store in Cleveland. In addition to his involvement with the company, Jared Fogle is also known as being a regular guest on sports and food related TV shows, where he gives his opinion about fitness and healthy eating.

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jared fogle net worth jared fogle net worth jared fogle net worth

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