Jared Leto net worth

Jared Leto net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Jared Leto

Jared Leto net worth

Jared Leto is one of the most well known people in the entertainment industry. In addition to being a successful actor, he is also known as a musician, singer and songwriter. Thus, entertainment industry is the one, which has accumulated Jared Leto net worth, which currently has been reported to reach 40 million dollars.

Jared Leto has been appearing in high grossing Hollywood productions as well as in movies by independent directors and producer and small art houses. In 1994, Jared Leto started to get more and more attention, when he appeared in “My So-Called Life”, which was a teenage drama series. The next year, he debuted as a film actor in “How to Make and American Quilt”. In 1997, Jared Leto appeared in “Prefontaine” and was praised a lot

For his appearance in it. All of these productions have increased Jared Leto net worth a lot, too.

In 1998 and in 1999, Jared Leto appeared in two more movies, “The Thin Red Line” and “Girl, Interrupted”, respectively. In 1998, he also appeared in a horror movie “Urban Legend”, where he portrayed a leading role. Two years later, Jared Leto starred in “Requiem for a Dream”. For his appearance in it, he got a lot of critical praise, which he got due to his portrayal of a heroin addict Harry Goldfarb.

Also, Jared Leto can be recognized from a couple of movies, directed by David Fincher. These movies are “Panic Room” and “Fight Club”. Other movies, for which he is credited, are “Lonely Hearts”, “American Psycho”, “Lord of War”, “Mr. Nobody”, “Highway” and many others. Also, they also added a lot of revenues to Jared Leto net worth. In 2013, Jared Leto starred in a movie called “Dallas Buyers Club” and for his appearance in it, he was awarded with the Golden Globe Award in the category of the Best Supporting Actor.

In addition to his successful career as an actor, Jared Leto is a well known musician. Mostly, he is known as a member of a very successful band called “Thirty Seconds to Mars”, where Jared Leto serves as a leading singer, songwriter as well as multi-instrumentalist. Thus, his musical career is another important source of Jared Leto net worth. In 1998, he came with an idea to from a band. The band was created in Los Angeles and his older brother Shannon Leto helped him a lot in establishing the band.

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