Jarrod Schulz net worth

Jarrod Schulz net worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

About Jarrod Schulz

Jarrod Schulz net worth

Jarrod Schulz is a well known TV personality. In addition to that, he is a successful entrepreneur as well as a storage hunter, and these careers are the main ones when it comes to accumulating Jarrod Schulz net worth, which has been stated to have an estimate of 1.5 million dollars. Jarrod Schulz is mostly known to a lot of people as a star from the TV show called “Storage Wars”, which is also considered as one of the most important sources of the current Jarrod Schulz net worth.

In the show, his girlfriend also is appearing, who is also a successful businesswoman – Brandi Passante. He got involved into storage hunting at the same time as his girlfriend did. The couple established their own thrift store called “Now and Then Second Hand Store”, which is based in Orange County. In 2010, when the couple joined the TV show “Storage Wars”, they were not as financially successful as their cast members. However, that did not stop them from doing well on the show.

They have become so successful that they even recently have opened another thrift store in Long Beach, California.

Thus, being owners of the store is has been bringing much popularity and success to them, and as a result, it also increased the overall estimate of Jarrod Schulz net worth.

Talking more about his relationship to Brandi Passante, the two have never been married, however, they have been staying together for more than 15 years already. Together with her, Jarrod Schulz has two kids and the family is currently living in Lake Forest, California.

Talking more about the TV show which made him a well known man in America and which also added up a lot of financial success to Jarrod Schulz net worth, “Storage Wars” is one of the most watched shows on the A&E channel. The show started in 2010 and since that time, it received huge viewerships. The show is focused on the situation, when the storage is failed to pay in a certain period of time in California, people can buy those things from an auctioneer. The show features people who are professional storage hunters and who buy items only by looking at them through the doors, thus, there can be no prior inspection of things they buy. Jarrod Schulz and his girlfriend Brandi Passante are regarded as ones of the most successful storage hunters of the show.

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