Jason Alexander net worth

Jason Alexander net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander net worth

Jason Alexander, real name Jay Scott Greenspan, is a well known American actor, movie producer, director, comedian, singer and writer. He is widely recognized for his role in one of the all-time most popular television sitcoms, Seinfeld, where Jason portrayed George Costanza. Not only he has appeared in numerous movies, including The Producers, Alexander is also an award winning stage actor. His role in Broadway musical Jerome Robbins’ Broadway garnered Jason a Tony Award for the Best Featured Actor in the Musical. He is also a real poker enthusiast. Jason Alexander net worth is currently estimated at $75 million.

Jay was born in a Jewish family, in New Jersey. His mother, Ruth Minnie, was a nurse at the local hospital and his father, Alexander B. Greenspan, worked as an accounting manager. He has two half-siblings: Karen Van Horne and Michael Greenspan. Jason graduated from Livingston High School in 1977 and subsequently enrolled into Boston University. Alexander never earned his bachelor- he left for New York before the senior year. In his teenage years Jason’s voice was extremely unpleasant due to asthma.

Because of this disease Jason never even considered a career which would include public talking.

As a boy he dreamed about rising to fame as a magician and used to spend hours training to do various tricks. However, life had other plans ready for Jason. After a couple of years trying to built a career as a practiced magician passed by without any considerable results, Jason decided to turn to acting. Judging from the current Jason Alexander net worth one could say that this was a right decision to make.

Jason’s career started on Broadway, where he appeared in a play Merrily we Roll Along (by Stephen Sondheim), The Wink and Broadway Bound, both as an actor and dancer. Alexander’s career took off in the late 80s, when he landed one of the major roles in Jerome Robbins’ Broadway in 1989. The same year Jason started filming in a situation comedy Seinfeld. He continued to act in this show right until its last season was aired in 1998. The paychecks he received during this period added a solid sum to Jason Alexander net worth. After Seinfeld was cancelled, he appeared in a number of television series, including Dinosaurs and Listen Up!, but none of them were even remotely as successful as his first sitcom.

Alexander’s career in the movies was somewhat more fruitful. Among Jason’s most prominent films is an award winning drama Pretty Woman, where he acted along with such Hollywood legends as Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, Shallow Hal, were he co-starred with Jack Black, Love and Action in Chicago and The last Supper. Each of these movies is responsible for a good part of Jason Alexander net worth.

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jason alexander net worth jason alexander net worth

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