Jason Bateman net worth

Jason Bateman net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman net worth

Jason Bateman is a well known American actor. It has been announced officially that the current amount of Jason Bateman net worth reaches 15 million dollars, which also proves that he is really good in what he does.

In the 1980s, he started to gain a lot of recognition when he appeared in a lot of productions, while being only a teenager. At that time, he mainly appeared in a couple of sitcoms, such as “The Hogan Family” and “Silver Spoons”. In the 2000s, he came back to the TV screens, when he got a role in TV series called “Arrested Development”, in which he portrayed a role of Michael Bluth. Also, for his appearance in that TV show, Jason Bateman got a lot of recognition and awards, such as two Satellite Awards, a Golden Globe award and a TV Land award.

Since that time, Jason Bateman established himself as a talented actor in Hollywood and has appeared in a couple of well known movies. Such movies include “Up in the Air”, “The Kingdom”, “Horrible Bosses”, “Hancock” and some others. Also, these appearances have added a lot of financial success to the total amount of Jason Bateman net worth.

In addition, Jason Bateman is also known because of his family relations. Justine Bateman, also a well known actress, is a sister of Jason Bateman. Justine Bateman is mostly known from the TV series called “Family Ties”.

Jason Bateman was born in New York to his mother who worked as a flight attendant and his father who was also involved into cinema industry. He worked as a writer, director as well as actor. Kent Bateman, Jason Bateman’s father, is also known as a founder of Hollywood’s repertory stage. Thus, it is quite believable that it was his father who made an impact on Jason Bateman to choose acting as his future career, a career, which today adds a lot of revenues to Jason Bateman net worth. Also, in the beginning of his career as an actor, his father was the one who managed Jason Bateman. He did so till Jason Bateman’s 20th birthday.

In the 1990s, it was also known that Jason Bateman was a huge addict to alcohol and drugs. Later, he stated that he began taking drugs long before the media got to know it. Nevertheless, he managed to focus on his career and since then, he has been successful in it and Jason Bateman net worth is a proof of it.

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