Jason Kidd net worth

Jason Kidd net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd net worth

Jason Kidd is a well known American basketball player, who currently has an estimate of 75 million dollars. Having such estimate, he is also regarded as one of the richest and also best paid players of basketball. Therefore, his involvement into sports added a lot to accumulating Jason Kidd net worth. However, some sources actually claim that his net worth is not that high and reaches 21.4 million dollars.

Jason Kidd was born in San Francisco, California, in 1973. Currently, he is known to be a part of the Dallas Mavericks team, which is also regarded as one of the main sources of Jason Kidd net worth right now. When he was studying in high school, he was a star of his basketball team and won all-star award a few times. Also, he was the one who led his high school basketball team to stat championship games. Jason Kidd got a title of the Player of the Year two times.

When he finished high school, Jason Kidd got quite a lot of invitations from different colleges to accept their scholarship to study in their colleges, however, Jason Kidd turned down many opportunities and decided to enroll into Berkley College in California.

In 1994, he was participating in the NBA Draft of that year and was chosen to play in the team of Dallas Mavericks, the team, in which he still plays today and which is one of the most vital sources of Jason Kidd net worth. However, in 2001, Jason Kidd was traded for another team, which was New Jersey Nets. Jason Kidd’s career in that team marked a successful point in his career. In 2004, he was prevented from playing basketball due to a knee injury.

In December of 2004, he returned to playing basketball. In 2008, he was traded again and this time it was back to his first team, Dallas Mavericks. In 2009, he got an opportunity to play in another team, which was for the New York Knicks. However, he decided to stay in the Dallas Mavericks team. It is worth mentioning that for playing for the New York Knicks team, Jason Kidd was offered to sign a contract worth more than 25 million dollars. Thus, in case of him signing this contract, Jason Kidd net worth would have been increased even more.
Jason Kidd is also known because of his personal relationships. In 2008, it was stated that Jason Kidd and his girlfriend Hope were expecting their first baby.

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