Jason Patric net worth

Jason Patric net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Jason Patric

Jason Patric net worth

Jason Patric has become popular because of his successful career as an actor on stage, TV productions and films. It has been stated that the current amount of Jason Patric net worth reaches 3 million dollars. Jason Patric is probably mostly known from his work in some popular movies, including “The Lost Boys”, “The Losers”, “Rush”, “Speed 2: Cruise Control”, “Your Friends & Neighbors”, “Sleepers” and “Narc”.
Jason Patric was born in a family, which was involved into acting, too. His father was an actor and playwright named Jason Miller, and his mother was an actress Linda Miller. Moreover, his maternal grandfather was also an actor, Jackie Gleason. Jason Patric was born in 1966 in Queens, New York. Jason Patric was raised in New Jersey. When he moved to California, Jason Patric enrolled to study at Saint Monica Catholic High School. There, he appeared in some school plays, such as “Grease” and “Dracula”.
When he graduated from high school, Jason Patric immediately started to work as an actor, a career, which eventually became the main source of Jason Patric net worth, as well.

The first TV series in which he appeared were called “Toughlove”, in which he worked with Bruce Dern. In the next year, Jason Patric appeared in “Solarbabies” with such actors as Peter DeLuise, Lukas Haas, Adrian Pasdar, Jami Gertz and James LeGros. A few years after that, Jason Patric appeared in two more productions with some of the mentioned actors, such as “After Dark, My Sweet” with Bruce Dern, and “The Lost Boys” with Jami Gertz. Jason Patric got a co-starring role in the production called “The Beast”, together with Stephen Baldwin and George Dzundza.
In 1993, the actor appeared in the movie called “Geronimo: An American Legend” as 1st Lt. Charles B. Gatewood. Jason Patric then got a role in “The Thin Red Line”, however, all of his scenes were deleted from the film before it could even be released. Then, the actor appeared in “The Devil and Daniel Webster”, a film by Alec Baldwin. The film was shot in 2001 but was released only after six years and the title of it was changed to “Shortcut to Happiness”. Jason Patric was offered a role in “The Firm”, but decided not to appear in it. Thus, the role then was given to Tom Cruise. In 2002, the actor appeared in the film called “Narc” and his role in it was praised a lot by film critics. Therefore, all of these appearances made him a well known actor and also increased the total size of Jason Patric net worth.
In 2005, Jason Patric appeared in a Broadway play called “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” as Brick. The next Broadway play, in which he appeared, was a production made by his father, called “That Championship Season”. The production itself became a winner of some awards, such as a Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize. In 2012, the actor was chosen to appear in the film called “Copperhead”. However, the directors of the film were not satisfied with his work and, thus, his role was given to Billy Campbell.

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Jason Patric Jason Patric Jason Patric

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