Jason Priestley net worth

Jason Priestley net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Jason Priestley

Jason Priestley net worth

It has been announced that the overall sum of Jason Priestley net worth reaches 22 million dollars. He has earned his fame and his net worth through his career as an actor and a director. Jason Priestley, as an actor, has been mostly known from the TV series called “Beverly Hills 90210”, where he appeared as Brandon Walsh. Another TV show from which he is also well known is “Call Me Fitz”. In this show, he appeared as Richard Fitzpatrick. Therefore, both of these shows have also added up to the total amount of Jason Priestley net worth.

Jason Priestley was born in British Columbia, Canada, in 1969. His mother is also known to be involved into acting, Sharon Kirk. In 2007, Jason Priestley got his American citizenship.
The first show in which he appeared was called “Airwolf”. Another show in which he starred was called “21 Jump Street” and he appeared in 2 episodes of this show. Later, he was casted for a role in the show called “Sister Kate”, however, this sitcom did not last for a long time.

In 1990, he began to appear in the show that made him popular in the industry, that being “Beverly Hills 90210”.

Jason Priestley because of his appearance in this show was titled as one of the most famous teen idols of that time. In fact, for his appearance in “Beverly Hills 90210” Jason Priestley got two Golden Globe nominations. Thus, the show not only increased the total amount of Jason Priestley net worth, but also earned him much recognition.

In addition to appearing on this show as Brandon Walsh, he also served as a director of 19 episodes of the show. In 1998, he left this show because of the fact that he wanted to move to Washington, D.C. However, he still worked as an executive producer on ‘Beverly Hills 90210” till its end in 2000. Therefore, overall, this show is regarded as the main source of Jason Priestley net worth, as well.

In 2004, he came back to acting again when he was chosen for a role in the TV show called “Tru Calling”, where he stayed till 2005. In 2006, he appeared on a program called “Love Monkey”. Other TV shows on which Jason Priestley worked include “Without a Trace” and “What I Like About You”. In addition to his appearances on TV screens, Jason Priestley has also worked as an actor in movies, such as in “Love and Death on Long Island”.

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