Jason Sehorn net worth

Jason Sehorn net worth

Net Worth: $23 Million

About Jason Sehorn

Jason Sehorn net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Jason Sehorn net worth is as much as 23 million dollars. Jason Sehorn has become a huge success because of his career as a football player. He has played in the NFL for a long time, where his position has been that of a corner back. The team in which he played for the longest time has been The New York Giants. Thus, this team has also added up a lot to the total amount of Jason Sehorn net worth. Jason Sehorn, when he joined the team, became famous because he was the only white starting corner back player in the NFL.
The football player was born in 1971 in Sacramento, California. He started his career as a football player when he was studying in college. Firstly, he played this sport for Shasta College and later transferred to the University of Southern California, where he stayed for two years. In 1994 he became famous in the NFL when he was drafted by the New York Giants in the second round. Most of his career was spent playing in a corner back position. However he has suffered some injuries in 1997 which prevented him from playing the game more.

Thus, in 1998 he did not play at all in order to recover.
However, when he came back to the field, it was noticed that his power in football was diminished by his previous injury. He played in the New York Giants up until 2004, thus, there is no surprise that this team has played an important role in increasing the total estimate of Jason Sehorn net worth. In 2004 he changed teams when he joined the St Louis Rams. However, he has never showed his real potential in this team as he has never got the chance to play because his knee was still hurting after that injury.
In addition to his professional life, his personal life is quite well known. In 1998, he got married to Whitney Casey, who is a former CNN correspondent. However, the marriage was quite unsuccessful as only one year later the couple divorced. He is currently in his second marriage, as he is married with Angie Harmon, who is an actress. With her, he is a parent of three girls.
Currently, his main occupation is the Director of Communications at Sonic Automotive, which is also one of the main current sources of Jason Sehorn net worth.

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