Jeff Bezos net worth

Jeff Bezos net worth

Net Worth: $25 billion

About Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos net worth

Jeff Bezos, real name Jeffrey Preston Bezos, is one of the most successful American entrepreneurs in the modern world. He is best known as the founder and chief executive manager of First created as an online books’ merchant, this website was later developed to sell the widest range of products. Under the supervision of Bezos it became the largest and arguably one of the most profitable retailers on the internet. As for 2013,, Inc. is often referred to as the model for online sales companies. This largely explains why Jeff Bezos net worth is currently estimated at $25 billion, placing him among the wealthiest businessman in the United States.
Jeffrey was born in New Mexico, in a family of Ted and Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen. At the time of giving birth to her first son Jacklyn was still a teenager and her marriage with the father of her child did not last for long. Initially the boy was named after his biological father and called Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen. By the time Jeff turned 5 his mother was already re-married to the Cuban immigrant, Miguel Bezos. This man, who has raised Jeffrey as his own son, immigrated to America as a teenager and managed to earn a degree at the University of Albuquerque while supporting himself.

He legally adopted Jeff and gave him his own family name right after marrying Jacklyn. Miguel was an early witness of Jeffrey’s mechanical aptitude. While still a toddler, the boy kept trying to dismantle his own bed and other furniture in the house. This natural curiosity is partly responsible for the current Jeff Bezos net worth.
While living in Texas, Jeff attended River Oaks Elementary. He transferred to Palmetto Senior High School as his family moved to live to Miami. While studying there, Bezos joined Student Science Training Program developed by the University of Florida. In the early 1980s Jeff’s scientific achievements garnered him Silver Knight Award. Even back in the day nobody would have doubted that his intellect and devotion for science will eventually boost Jeff Bezos net worth to enviable heights, although few could have guessed that his fortune will be counted in billions. After graduating from high school as a valedictorian, Jeff enrolled at the prestigious Princeton University, were he studied computer science and electrical engineering.
Jeff Bezos net worth started to grow right after he received a university diploma. In 1986 he landed a job in Wall Street and later worked for Fitel, building a network that could serve the company’s international trade interests. His next job was at Bankers Trust, were Bezos was eventually promoted to the position of vice-president. Jeff’s fortune started to grow at the speed of light in mid 1990s, when he founded a website

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jeff bezos net worth jeff bezos net worth

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